Targetware will help you energize your email marketing and increase the quality of your relationships!

Research shows you've got just 2 seconds to make an impression in the inbox - if your email appears unprofessional it may get deleted - or worse, it may get tagged as spam, which will have a negative impact on your deliverability rate and therefore future profits.

Even though Targetware is easy and intuitive, we know many businesses want to focus their time on delivering effective content and not on the technical or creative aspects.

That's why we offer two levels for you to choose from:

Full Service: Our team does it all - from creation of your email campaigns to on-time delivery and follow-up performance reporting. You just give us your content and we do the rest. You have access to login and check statistics in real-time or use the system any way you want. Our team makes full use of the features in Targetware including autoresponders, list segmenting, triggers, tracking and reporting.

Self Service: You login and use the system to create your email campaigns. Choose from dozens of template designs or create a template especially branded for your business. Our help is just a click away if you need it.

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