Basic Do's and Don'ts of Email Marketing

With permission marketing you exchange something of value. Your customer gives you their email address (contact and marketing info) in exchange for some incentive they want. That incentive could be a newsletter, product information, memberships, contests, free trial products, or freebies. Since the incentive is directly related to how much value they perceive, using their information for anything other than what you've promised will send them running to opt-out. Careful planning and selection of recipients is critical to long-term success.optin email solution

DO make the Opt-in procedure simple. Remember, how much information a customer gives you is directly related to how much value they perceive in the incentive.

DO make the opt-out procedure simple, but not quite as simple as opt-in. There is a fine line here. Put unsubscribe information in every email you send.

DO get the customers permission again if you want to send them unrelated information beyond what you've promised.

DO provide immediate confirmation of an opt-in customer, including a Thank-you.

DO adhere to customer privacy whether they are privacy statements or just customer expectations.

DON'T send information to "rented" lists. If you must use an unknown list, it should be screened to derive opt-in candidates and nothing else.

DON'T send messages without providing a link to your web site.

DON'T OVERSATURATE your customers with too much information. Plan your objectives and select customers with care.

DON'T send out messages without a "call to action". A statement at the beginning or end of your email message clearly telling the customer what you want them to do. Click here to learn more. Click here to get this product now. Etc.